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How to Purchase Products

How to Buy Metagenics Products

To meet the needs of an ever-increasing number of patients utilizing Metagenics products, we provide several convenient options for purchasing:

  • Your Healthcare Provider's Office. In many cases, you can simply purchase Metagenics products at regular office visits. Some products may be readily available, while others may require a special order and be ready to pick up in a few days (or at a follow-up visit).
  • with Practitioner Code. Many participating Metagenics Practitioners offer patient ordering online from them on, which may be shipped directly to your home for added convenience. Ask your healthcare practitioner if s/he has a Practitioner Code. With a Practitioner Code simply log on to, or create a new account, and enter the provided Practitioner Code and you will gain access to purchase Metagenics products online at from you Practitioner.